Tree Removal: After carefully reviewing the site, DOA identifies the best method of removal(climber,bucket truck,crane). Our highly experienced crew works meticulously to remove not only the tree but all leaves, branches, limbs, stumps and debris from the site.  Our goal is to make the site better than before we arrived!

Tree trimming: Upon estimate arrival we assess the service desired and carefully identify the outcome that the property owner is expecting and take the appropriate steps to complete the service per those requests.

Bobcat Service: Upon estimate arrival our staff will determine how long/extensive the service and will be able to accurately give a time frame of which the service will be completed and the cost to complete that service.

Stump Grinding:  D.O.A. Tree services subcontracts a licensed Stump grinding company that is on location and will remove the stump while D.O.A. Tree service is on the site. Our customers pay us and we pay our contractor so it is as easy and seamless as possible for our customers convenience.

Emergency Services:  In the unforseen event of a emergency such as a fallen tree we do provide after hours assessment.